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Book Review of The Face of Battle by John Keegan Essay

THE FACE OF BATTLE John Keegan, the author of â€Å"The Face of Battle† is allowing the reader to view different perspective of history, from the eyes of the soldier. Although by his own account, Keegan acknowledges, â€Å"I have never been in a battle. And I grow increasingly convinced that I have very little idea of what a battle can be like.† Keegan scorns historians for pointing the finger of failure after an evolution occurs and not examining the soldier’s point of view while the battle is transpiring. Keegan chooses the three well documented campaigns of Agincourt in 1415, Waterloo in 1815, and Somme in 1916 to answer the question of his thesis: To find out how men who are faced with the threat of single-missile and multiple-missile†¦show more content†¦King Henry V sought to regain some French territory lost in the Hundred Year War and set out on a 120 mile journey to Maisoncelles where the English came head to head, or 300 yards, with the French. The English bowmen enticed the French to action and when the French responded they were met at the English line which consisted of three groups and archers on the right and left. Keegan goes on to tell of how the different groups of warriors affected each other: the archers versus the cavalry and infantry, the cavalry versus infantry, and infantry versus infantry. The worse effect must have been on the French soldiers that after the order was given to kill all survivors unless they were rich, noblemen, or worth a ransom. The th ird chapter, titled â€Å"Waterloo, June 18th, 1815†, skips ahead four hundred years to Waterloo in 1815 after Napoleon returned from his exile in Elba to face the Prussians and the British soldiers. Keegan gives an extremely thorough look at the battle evolution and breaks the timeline down into five phases: diversion, weakening the center front with artillery, further weakening the center front with cavalry, infantry attack, Prussia reserve arrival and Napoleon’s defeat. Keegan goes on to describe how no soldier on either side would have been able to view the entire battlefield and how the events of combat for eight straight hours, after already going through a skirmish with theShow MoreRelated How Do Military Hilitorians Explain War? 2430 Words   |  10 Pagesoutcome of further study into warfare. Authors like Victor Davis Hanson, John Lynn, John Keegan, Martin van Creveld, and Niall Ferguson explain in detail to what extent the Western way of war is superior to any other. The goal in studying the Western way of war revolves around the concept of superiority in warfare. The comparison and distinction of Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture (2001), and John A. Lynn, Battle (2003), emphasized their overwhelming background in military research. Read MoreIslamic Way of warfare23558 Words   |  95 Pages............................................................................................................ 1 Research Methodology ................................................................................................... 3 Literature Review ........................................................................................................... 9 CHAPTER 2 WHAT IS A WAY OF WARFARE? ..........................................................14 Dictionary Meaning ..................Read MoreEssay about Profession of Arms11066 Words   |  45 Pagesproducing organization, the Army really has a dual nature—that of a government occupation structured as a hierarchical bureaucracy and that of a vocational, specifically military, profession. Section 1.1 - Where will the balance be? The issue that faces the Army now, and will more so in the transition period we are entering as we transition from Iraq to Afghanistan, and beyond, is one of character and balance, as noted in the first epigraph to this White Paper (comments by General Dempsey, CG of TRADOC)Read MoreA Case Study in Organisational Change Implication for Theory8390 Words   |  34 Pagesdispute-free achievement it left PowerCo in a precarious situation in some work areas through loss of expertise and corporate knowledge. Notwithstanding the voluntary program, many people who were not selected for the reorganised PowerCo left rather than face a diminished role with an uncertain future. Among the managerial class many were told that there was no position for them and they therefore elected to take a ’’ voluntary’’ redundancy. The human resource management effort was put into achieving theRead MoreThe Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Students Achievements in Biology13494 Wo rds   |  54 Pagesexamine the correlates of socio-economic status and students achievement in biology in few selected public and private schools in Ifako-ijaye Local government area of Lagos A person’s education is closely link to his chances, income, and well being (Battle Lewis 2002).Therefore it is important to have a clear understanding of what benefits or hinders one educational attainment. Education is the best legacy a nation can give to her citizens especially the youth. This is because the development ofRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesSouthern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History EricRead MoreMedical Tourism22177 Words   |  89 Pagesvalue network approach are evaluated to identify the pros and cons about the industry. In the beginning, a brief about medical tourism is written along with the background to research, and project aims and objectives. Next, a critical literature review is performed to explore previous research and to analyze merits and limitations of the theoretical frameworks. Interviews with managers and medical practitioners were arranged to gather primary data. Secondary data was also obtained from pertinentRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesOne Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Robbins, Stephen P. Organizational behavior / Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. JudgeRead MoreDamodaran Book on Investment Valuation, 2nd Edition398423 Words   |  1594 PagesINVESTMENT VALUATION: SECOND EDITION I will be putting my entire second edition online, while the book goes through the printing process - it will be available at the end of the year. This may seem like a bit of a free lunch, and I guess it is. I hope, though, that you can do me a favor as you go through the manuscript. If you find any mistakes - mathematical or grammatical - could you please let me know? It would help me ensure that the typos do not find their way into the final version. ChapterRead MoreMarketing Channel44625 Words   |  179 Pages 85) Which of the following is an example of a multichannel distribution system? A) Wal-Mart locating to several countries B) J. C. Penney s catalog and retail store sales C) Avon s door-to-door distribution D) Starbuck s location inside of book stores E) a hotel providing guest privileges at a health spa across the street Answer: B Diff: 2 Page Ref: 346 AACSB: Reflective Thinking Skill: Application Objective: 12-2 86) Blockbuster offers DVD rentals through its Total Access online

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Historical Perspective Of The Services Provided And The...

Historical Perspective of the Services Provided and the Funding or Lack Thereof Planned Parenthood is an organization dedicated to fighting for women’s health and rights as well as equality (History and Success, 2015). Margaret Sanger, an activist, sex educator, writer, and nurse is credited for finding the organization. She knew the effects firsthand of what women went through when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Her mother birth eighteen children and out of the eighteen, eleven survived. As a result of having so many children, her mother passed away at the age of forty. Also, she worked as a nurse with immigrant families and witnessed the death of women dying from unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortion. This matter at hand, prompt†¦show more content†¦The two organizations would eventually merge forming what is now Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The incorporation of Planned Parenthood leads to the â€Å"Medical Association officially recognizing birth control as an integral part of medical practice and education† (History and Success, 2015). This leads to the development of several different types of birth control contraceptives. In 1948, Gregory Pincus, an American Scientist was giving a small grant from Planned Parenthood to research and development a way to prevent pregnancy (History and Success, 2015). He conducts a series of tests and developed the birth control pill. This contraceptive pill would lead the way for many women the around the world to prevent unwanted pregnancies. On May 9, 1960, the U.S. Food and Administration (FDA) approve the first sale of the oral contraceptive pill in the United States (History and Success, 2015). This landmark paved the way for other development of contraceptive use (DeNoon, 2015). In 1972, the FDA approves the T-shape IUD which is a device inserted in the uterus by a physician to prevent birth from occurring up to ten years (DeNoon, 2015). In 1992, the FDA approves the Depo Provera, the first hormone shot which is administered every three months t o prevent unwanted pregnancies (DeNoon, 2015). Also, the FDA approves the first emergency contraception pill. The pill can be taken up to 72 hours after sexual

Best kept secret of the church Free Essays

What is the â€Å"best kept secret† of the church? Why? According to the clip, the â€Å"best kept secret’ of the church is the Church’s Catholic Social Teachings. It is God’s special love for the poor and called God’s people to a covenant of love and justice. I think it is the best kept secret of the church because the church has helped the poor in many ways and because of authoritative statements-?whether from church or government-?have less attraction today than acts of authentic witness. We will write a custom essay sample on Best kept secret of the church or any similar topic only for you Order Now Also is it will also make social sues which will make the Catholic church receive not so good comments so they do not let other people know the secret of the church. And doing good doesn’t need to be rewarded by other people, but to be rewarded by God alone. 2. Give at least 5 issues presented by the clip. A. Poverty because many Filipinos are â€Å"kapok† and uneducated b. Concentration of Wealth Because the poor thinks they are poor, they remain poor. C. Environmental Abuse The continuity of illegal logging that makes the Earth worse. D. Inequality in land distribution There are many informal settlers in our country because they don’t have their own land and they can’t buy because they don’t have that kind of money. E. Social inequality The government doesn’t entertain the poor people because they know that they won’t gain anything from them, and the higher people or rich people help but only a few times. 3. Chi arch responses/actions on the given issues. In our recent times, the church response to this by having an outreach program or sometimes ask for donations to offer foods for those who are in deed. B. Concentration of Wealth Because the poor doesn’t think they can survive and have a better life if they work, they don’t work. But then the church gives seminar to help those people to carry on with their lives so they don’t have any more excuses. C. Environmental Abuse Due to the continuation of the doings of the illegal loggers, the church and its people decided to have a checkpoint and the people were there to secure their place and to reduce the risk of the earth being destroyed wherein due to his action they were able to capture illegal loggers and to take back the logs they got. Also the priests help in planting trees, which is also a good thing. D. Inequality in land distribution The church tried to help and give the poor people voice and maybe encouraged them to appeal to the court about their current situation of the land where they are staying now. Another is that the church provided the church to be the place where the people can have their meeting. E. Social inequality When inside the church, there are no social inequality shown wherein all the people are together and are happy with being together and they all share foods to eat and it helped them improve their social relations. 4. Do you agree or not in the church’s doings? Why? Yes agree. Because the church are doing their best to help or to provide proper action in regards to those situation and it need not to be publicized. Doing something good does not need someone to commend you but to make the other person feel good and to know that God with reward you as well is what really matters. How to cite Best kept secret of the church, Papers

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The World Essays (4402 words) - 1159, Cadillactica,

The World The World The world is a messed up place and we are all stuck here until our lives are through, or until we choose to leave. Its strange that I go along with everything everyone tells me, such as that I should ware certain cloths or listen to certain songs. I often wonder why I do the things I do, but then I just realize thats who I am. People are confused about why they are here and they dont understand what life is supposed to be about. They think that they should be a certain way or think a certain way, but they are all wrong. We should all act however we want to and not let the world influence us. Chapter one When I was a child I thought that the world was to big for me to understand, but I was wrong. The world is easy to understand if youre not crazy. All you got to do is realize that no one really knows what he or she is doing or where he or she is going. Every day that I wake up I wish that the world would change to where it was all right to be who you really are. Instead you have got to be what the world wants you to be. Its sad that these days a child can be left out of a certain group because his parents cant afford the outrageously expensive cloths that the other kids ware. This may cause the child to feel less encouraged to try in school or other activities. This is the kind of small thinking that causes a teen to act out in violence. After years of being picked on and labeled as a trouble maker just because of who he or she is and were he/she comes from. Society often blames parents or television for these tragedies because they cant admit that their own selfishness and lack of respect for those less fortunate is the true poison of the world. I once saw a man sitting on a street corner playing a guitar with his guitar case open. People passed him without looking or listening. Every now and then someone would toss some loose change or even a dollar, but they still never herd the music the man was playing. I stood and listened for about ten minutes t o what was the greatest live version of Free Bird that I had ever heard. When the man finished I offered him some money not so people would see me doing but because I thought his performance was well worth it. The man just smiled at me and declined it saying, no thanks, your applauds are all the payment I was looking for. That was the moment in my life when I realized the world had it all wrong and society was blind. I was twelve years old. Since that day Ive been on a quest to in some way show the world what I was fortunate enough to learn. Ive tried in many ways to show my peers that its ok to do your own thing and not follow others. Often Ive just been criticized for my actions and told that I was being ridiculous, which in a few extreme cases was true, but I didnt let that stop me. Over the past six years of my life Ive crawled out of what could be called the filth of society and established myself as an outstanding young man in order to get people to notice my examples Im tryin g to set. Of course I totally despise myself for the levels Ive stooped to in order to get where I am today. Never the less, I believe if youre going to do something right u might as well go all out. So I guess by writing this Im trying to finalize the actions that have taken place in my life during what are suppose to be the most important years of a teens life. Perhaps this book will help open a few eyes and turn a few heads but more then likely it will just be criticized and manipulated my several people that are just afraid

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Profile of Huehueteotl-Xiuhtecuhtli, Aztec God of Fire

Profile of Huehueteotl-Xiuhtecuhtli, Aztec God of Fire Among the Aztec/Mexica the fire god was associated with another ancient deity, the old god. For this reason, these figures are often considered different aspects of the same deity: Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli (Pronounced: Way-ue-TEE-ottle, and Shee-u-teh-COO-tleh). As with many polytheist cultures, ancient Mesoamerican people worshiped many gods who represented the different forces and manifestations of nature. Among these elements, fire was one of the first to be deified. The names under which we know these gods are Nahuatl terms, which is the language spoken by the Aztec/Mexica, so we don’t know  how earlier cultures knew these deities. Huehuetà ©otl is the â€Å"Old God†, from huehue, old, and teotl, god, whereas Xiuhtecuhtli means â€Å"The lord of Turquoise†, from the suffix xiuh, turquoise, or precious, and tecuhtli, lord, and he was considered the progenitor of all gods, as well as the patron of fire and the year. Origins Huehueteotl-Xiuhtecuhtli was an extremely important god beginning in very early times in Central Mexico. In the Formative (Preclassic) site of Cuicuilco, south of Mexico City, statues portraying an old man sitting and holding a brazier on his head or his back, have been interpreted as images of the old god and the fire god. At Teotihuacan, the most important metropolis of the Classic period, Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli is one of the most often represented deities. Again, his images portray an old man, with wrinkles on his face and no teeth, sitting with his legs crossed, holding a brazier on his head. The brazier is often decorated with rhomboid figures and cross-like signs symbolizing the four world directions with the god sitting in the middle. The period for which we have more information about this god is the Postclassic period, thanks to the importance that this god had among the Aztec/Mexica. Attributes According to the Aztec religion, Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli was associated with ideas of purification, transformation, and regeneration of the world through fire. As the  god of the year, he was associated with the cycle of the seasons and nature which regenerate the earth. He was also considered one of the founding deities of the world  since he was responsible for the creation of the sun. According to colonial sources, the fire god had his temple in the sacred precinct of Tenochtitlan, in a place called Tzonmolco. Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli is also related to the ceremony of the New Fire, one of the most important Aztec ceremonies, which took place at the end of each cycle of 52 years  and represented the regeneration of the cosmos through the lighting of a new fire. Festivities Two major festivities were dedicated to Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli: the Xocotl Huetzi ceremony, in August, associated to the underworld, the night, and the dead, and a second one which took place in the month of Izcalli, at the beginning of February, related to light, warmness and the dry season. Xocotl Huetzi: This ceremony was related to the collection of the fruits of the earth and the ritual death of plants. It involved cutting a tree and placing an image of the god on the top. Copal and food were then offered to the tree. Young men were encouraged to climb the tree to get the image and gain a reward. Four captives were sacrificed by being thrown into a fire and by having their hearts extracted.Izcalli: This second festival was dedicated to regrowth and regeneration, and the beginning of the new year. All lights were shut down at night, except for one light placed in front of the gods image, including a turquoise mask. People brought game, such as birds, lizards, and snakes, to cook and eat. Every four years, the ceremony included the sacrifice of four slaves or captives, who were dressed like the god and whose bodies were painted in white, yellow, red and green, the colors associated with the worlds directions. Images Since early times, Huehuetà ©otl-Hiuhtecuhtli was portrayed, mainly in statues, as an old man, with his legs crossed, his arms resting on his legs, and holding a lit brazier on his head or back. His face shows the signs of age, quite wrinkled and without teeth. This type of sculpture is the most widespread and recognizable image of the god and has been found in many offerings in sites such as Cuicuilco, ​Capilco, Teotihuacan, Cerro de las Mesas, and the Templo Mayor of Mexico City. However, as Xiuhtecuhtli, the god is often represented in pre-Hispanic as well as Colonial codices without these characteristics. In these cases, his body is yellow, and his face has black stripes, a red circle surrounds his mouth, and he has blue earplugs hanging from his ears. He often has arrows emerging from his headdress and holds sticks used to light fire. Sources: Limà ³n Silvia, 2001, El Dios del fuego y la regeneracià ³n del mundo, en Estudios de Cultura Nhuatl, N. 32, UNAM, Mexico, pp. 51-68.Matos Moctezuma, Eduardo, 2002, Huehuetà ©otl-Xiuhtecuhtli en el Centro de Mà ©xico, Arqueologà ­a Mexicana Vol. 10, N. 56, pp 58-63.Sahagà ºn, Bernardino de, Historia General de las Cosas de Nueva Espaà ±a, Alfredo Là ³pez Austin y Josefina Garcà ­a Quintana (eds.), Consejo Nacional para las Culturas y las Artes, Mexico 2000.

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(Updated Guide) Weighted GPA Calculator

(Updated Guide) Weighted GPA Calculator SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Most likely, during high school you've taken a mix of classes: some honors, some standard, and some APs. The weighted GPA reflects that those classes have different difficulty levels. So what's the easiest way to figure out what your weighted GPA is? We have two great methods to calculate it! What Is a Weighted GPA? Your GPA, or grade point average, is a way for colleges to quickly see a solid, summary indicator of your intelligence, work ethic, willingness to challenge yourself, and skills. A weighted GPA showcases the hard work and challenge of your high school career by reflecting whether the classes you took were standard level, honors level, or AP/IB level. It does this by adding .5 to every honors class GPA conversion decimal and adding 1 to every AP class conversion decimal, creating a scale that goes from 0.0 to 5.0. So, for example, imagine Diane gets an A in AP French and Sven gets an A in standard level Geography. A weighted GPA would recognize that the AP class was most likely harder, so Diane’s A would become 5.0, while Sven's A would be 4.0. Here is a table that explains how all this usually works in more detail: Letter Grade Percentile Standard GPA Honors GPA AP/IB GPA A+ 97-100 4.0 4.5 5.0 A 93-96 4.0 4.5 5.0 A- 90-92 3.7 4.2 4.7 B+ 87-89 3.3 3.8 4.3 B 83-86 3.0 3.5 4.0 B- 80-82 2.7 3.2 3.7 C+ 77-79 2.3 2.8 3.3 C 73-76 2.0 2.5 3.0 C- 70-72 1.7 2.2 2.7 D+ 67-69 1.3 1.8 2.3 D 65-66 1.0 1.5 2.0 F Below 65 0.0 0.0 0.0 How Do You Calculate Your Weighted GPA? There are two different ways to calculate your weighted GPA. Class-by-class method This method goes through each of the classes that you've taken, one by one: #1: First, convert all the final class grades you’ve gotten, keeping careful track of whether the course was honors level, AP level, or standard. #2: Next, add up all of these converted decimals– this is your sum. #3: Then, count the total number of classes you have taken. #4: Finally, divide the sum by the number of classes and round to the nearest tenth- this is your weighted GPA. Pro tip: you can't simply add each individual year's GPAs together and divide by 4 because you may have taken a different number of classes each year. Sorted-classes shortcut method If you've already done an unweighted GPA calculation, then this method is for you: #1: First, count separately the number of standard classes, honors classes, andAP classes that you've taken. #2: Next, add yourunweighted converted gradesum+(.5*number of honors classes) + number of AP classes. This is your weighted sum. #3: Finally, divide the weighted sum by the total number of classes you've taken. Step Calculation Let's gothrough an example of how this works in practice bycalculating the weighted GPA of spymaster aliasJane Doe. We will be calculating the GPA Jane submits on her college applications, so we will leave off her senior year grades. Note that on hertranscript, classes marked with a â€Å"+† are honors classes, and those marked with an â€Å"a† are AP classes. First let’s convert her grades. I will convert them into weighted and unweighted format so you can see the difference: 9th grade 10th grade th grade Unweight. Weight. Unweight. Weight. Unweight. Weight. 3.0 4.0 3.3 3.8 3.3 4.3 3.7 3.7 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 3.0 3.0 3.3 3.8 3.0 3.0 3.3 3.8 4.0 5.0 3.3 3.8 3.7 4.7 4.0 5.0 Total 17.0 18.5 17.3 19.3 18.6 22.1 Honors classes 2 2 1 AP classes 0 1 3 Total number of classes 6 6 6 Boy, Jane really stepped up her game junior year! Nicely done. Class-by-class method: Sum of weighted scores=59.4 Number of classes taken = 15 Jane'sweighted GPA =59.4 / 15 = 4.0 Sorted-classes method: Sum of unweighted scores = 52.9 Number of honors classes = 5 Number of AP classes = 4 Number of classes taken = 15 Weighted sum = 52.9 + (.5 * 5) + 4 = 59.4 Jane's weighted GPA = 59.4 / 15 = 4.0 What’s Next? Now that you've gone through our weighted GPA calculator, check whether Jane was right to go all out academically junior year by learning which year of high school is the most important for your college applications. Let us help you figure out the pros and cons of weighted and unweighted GPAs with our comprehensive explanation. Explore what a good or bad GPA score is, and how you compare to the average high school student. Get the scoop on whether colleges use weighted or unweighted GPAs when assessing your application. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Challenges IT Managers face when moving to cloud computing Research Paper

Challenges IT Managers face when moving to cloud computing - Research Paper Example As a result, many IT managers are cautious in adopting and moving to the cloud because of the challenges thereon including potential vendor lock-in and security concerns. These challenges are mostly non-technical since they are concerned with how existing management, policies, processes and employees are affected by a move to the cloud (Beheshti, 2011). For IT managers, a move to the cloud is potentially a disruptive process to the current workplace. For instance, an IT manager for an organization who in the past decade has been patching OSs, locking down data center hardware, securing applications and developing disaster recovery plans would be in rush of moving on to the cloud (Holtsnider & Jaffe, 2012). They will be faced with the question of SLAs-Service Level Agreements; this is because, if proper care is not taken, some SLAs may lock them into remaining with a cloud provider that does not meet expectations. IT managers need to understand what level of services they can rely on when moving to the cloud. Secondly, there is the question of application security; protection of clients and organizations data is on top of any IT manager’s priority list. IT managers, therefore, have the responsibility of checking the security standard of any cloud service they intend to employ. Cloud computing offers very many choices with reg ards to applications or software the company needs to use, as a result, a choice dilemma arises. IT managers, when moving to the cloud are faced with the issue of loss of control and reliability issues. Other challenges include the need of creating cost-reflective charging and metering of service consumption; managing service brownouts and blackouts; architecting frictionless, pure virtualized services and applications that are easily scalable (Molen, 2010). Despite these challenges, there are several benefits that IT managers derive from